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The 2010s: The Aftermath of the Crisis

Establishing a presence in Brussels via a partnership with CEPS

In 2011 Intereconomics began hosting annual conferences in Brussels, giving contributing authors an opportunity to present their findings and discuss and debate their policy recommendations with one another. Recent conferences have included Has the Eurozone Been Stabilised or Will EMU Fall Apart, The Welfare State after the Great Recession, Inequality in the EU, Labour Mobility in the EU and TTIP: Political and Economic Rationale and Implications.

Articles from the 2010s

  • Challenges Facing European Monetary Union

    with contibutions from Daniel Gros, Thomas Mayer, Ulrich Häde, Jean Pisani-Ferry, André Sapir, Jürgen Matthes, Deborah Mabbett, Waltraud Schelkle, Wim Kösters, Paul De Grauwe, Desmond Lachman · March/April 2010, No. 2

  • Austerity Measures in Crisis Countries

    with contributions from Vassilis Monastiriotis, Niamh Hardiman, Aidan Regan, Chiara Goretti, Lucio Landi, J. Ignacio Conde-Ruiz, Carmen Marín, Ricardo Cabral · January/February 2013, No. 1

  • Which Industrial Policy Does Europe Need?

    with contributions from Mariana Mazzucato, Mario Cimoli, Giovanni Dosi, Joseph E. Stiglitz, Michael A. Landesmann, Mario Pianta, Rainer Walz, Tim Page · March/April 2015, No. 3

Editor-in-Chief in the 2010s

Brigitte Preissl

Brigitte Preissl

Editor-in-Chief, 2007-2019