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Forum · Issue 5 · 2023
Up to the Task? Post-Pandemic European Social Policy

The value added of central bank digital currencies

Forum · Issue 3 · 2023
Inflation Strikes Back: How to Restore Control

Forum · Issue 2 · 2023
Rethinking Resource Efficiency: Europe’s Transition to a Circular Economy

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The Art of Policy Advising

Policy advice from academics should always be a central component in the policymaking process, writes Intereconomics Editor-in-Chief Nicole Waidlein. But the appropriate framework conditions are necessary: data availability and access, independent and competent advisors as well as open dialogue between policymakers and advisors.

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Letter from America
Computer Chips: Stronger Ties Can Mitigate Costs

The United States is grappling with how to maintain leadership in semiconductor technology while limiting China’s ability to use US technology militarily. More focus on international partnerships in trade and migration could help mitigate the costs, write Caroline Freund and Christine McDaniel.

The value added of central bank digital currencies

Central bank digital currencies are reshaping the financial landscape globally. The authors of this Forum define CBDCs, debate their pros and cons, examine the issues and prospects they represent, and share country-specific experiences with the development and roll-out of digital currencies.


Bidenomics means different things to different people. It also seems to mean different things to President Biden. This lack of clear definition is part of why Biden receives little credit for his handling of the economy, writes Barry Eichengreen.  

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Social Investment in Immigrants: Why and How?

Social investment in immigrant inclusion and integration can result in substantial long-term social and economic returns. Holger Bonin discusses a number potential positive externalities of improving the skills and employability of immigrants.

Trade Policy
What Endgame for the Deglobalisation Narrative?

A narrative has taken hold on both sides of the Atlantic that contends that deglobalisation is happening or that it needs to happen. But, writes Simon J. Evenett, this narrative has the flimsiest foundation.

Quote of the Month

"If there ever was merit in having a 'golden rule' in EU fiscal governance, early childhood investment is a no-brainer: it is cheap, it immediately creates jobs, it directly reaches out to young families, and it is where the social investment multiplier is highest."

Anton C. Hemerijck

Towards a European Union of Social Investment Welfare States

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Figure of the Month

Potential price cap violations in Q1 2023

While measures targeting Russian energy exports, in particular crude oil and oil products, have had a noticeable impact, evidence for potentially widespread violations of the price cap regime is emerging.