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Forum · Issue 1 · 2023
Tackling the European Energy Crisis

Forum · Issue 6 · 2022
De-Globalisation – A New World Order?

Forum · Issue 5 · 2022
The Return of the Eurozone Crisis?

Forum · Issue 4 · 2022
EU Enlargement in a New Light

Energy crisis
The Tale of the German Gas Price Brake

Isabella M. Weber, Thore Beckmann and Jan-Erik Thie show that the gas price brake makes a critical contribution towards providing relief for households and alleviates cost pressure on firms while retaining incentives for consumers and businesses to save gas.

Sanctions against Russia
Why Sanctions Work

Since the annexation of Crimea in 2014, Russia has been under an EU sanctions regime. András Rácz, Ole Spillner and Guntram B. Wolff point out that while these sanctions have not prevented Putin from ordering an invasion of Ukraine, in the overall picture, they have significantly weakened Russia’s ability to wage war.

Energy crisis
An EU Price Cap for Natural Gas

The EU price cap has now become a paper tiger, argues Daniel Gros. But member states have created many new subsidies that the Commission should carefully monitor for their disincentive effect, and it should recommend that member states employ other social support measures instead.

international cooperation
Globalisation and Deglobalisation

Extreme inequality of assets, incomes and opportunities is the result of both globalisation and deglobalisation, writes Jayati Ghosh. National governments must provide a more progressive and equitable engagement to counter unjust, unhealthy and unhappy societies.

climate crisis
International Climate Club

As the world is failing to tackle the climate crisis, we need to find new ways of facing this emergency collectively, even if countries adopt different approaches. An international climate club is the best way forward to accelerate decarbonisation while ensuring that countries with stronger climate policies do not compromise their economic competitiveness.

Trade Policy
What Endgame for the Deglobalisation Narrative?

A narrative has taken hold on both sides of the Atlantic that contends that deglobalisation is happening or that it needs to happen. But, writes Simon J. Evenett, this narrative has the flimsiest foundation.

Quote of the Month

"The financial obligations of the United States government are, in fact, obligations. This is a legal term. The debt ceiling statute does not authorize the breach of any obligation."

James K. Galbraith

The Debt Ceiling, Once More, with Feeling...

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Global value chain participation in selected regions

The degree of integration of global value chains has declined since the global financial crisis. The decline has been much more significant for Germany, Europe’s exporting powerhouse, than for the US and China.