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Forum · Issue 2 · 2024
European Parliament Elections 2024: What Is at Stake?

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Forum · Issue 1 · 2024
Artificial Intelligence: Potential and Challenges for Europe

Forum · Issue 6 · 2023
The Future of EU Public Finances

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Forum · Issue 5 · 2023
Up to the Task? Post-Pandemic European Social Policy


The Far Right and the 2024 European Elections

In mere electoral terms, the 2024 European elections will simply reflect the trend of the previous two European elections, i.e. an increase in MEPs from right-wing Eurosceptic and far-right parties. But in terms of political power, the upcoming elections could be a game changer, writes Cas Mudde.


Public Investment
European Public Goods

Putting the high public debt ratios on a downward path and allocating sufficient resources to deliver on the green and digital transition will be among the priorities of the EU institutions after the European elections. Age Bakker, Roel Beetsma and Marco Buti propose a successor to NextGenerationEU – a new fund for financing European public goods to address the double transition.


Online First
BRICS: World Heavyweight in Agricultural Trade

BRICS, the 15-year-old alliance of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, has emerged as an important actor on the global political and economic stage, not least by expanding its membership to include middle-power states Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates in early 2024, write Thomas Glauben and Ivan Duric.

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Agricultural Policy
Farmer Protests and the European Elections

Alan Matthews looks at the origins of the recent wave of farm protests and asks whether a crisis situation exists in European farming as the Commission has suggested. The author examines the measures that have been adopted and proposed in response.


International Trade
China’s Trade Surplus

China’s merchandise trade surplus has reached an all-time high. A key driver appears to be a policy push to further bolster Chinese domestic manufacturing production, implying the danger of overcapacities, writes Jürgen Matthes.

Letter from America
The US Economy and the Election

Unemployment is low. Inflation has come down. Real earnings are rising. GDP growth has held up. But for some reason the voters are not happy! Perhaps the voters are sensible and the economists are obtuse, writes James K. Galbraith.

Quote of the Month

"[T]he far right will almost certainly be the biggest winner in the 2024 European elections, but whether it will be able to translate the electoral success into political influence is far from certain."

Cas Mudde

The Far Right and the 2024 European Elections

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Figure of the Month

Positions of European parties on the EU integration and economic left-right dimensions

The EU political landscape can be understood in terms of two dimensions: the first is the pro-/anti-EU dimension, which separates parties that favour further EU integration from those who think EU integration has gone too far. The second is the left-right dimension that separates those who favour a market-based economy, a small government and low taxes, and those who favour government interventions to reach particular societal goals, such as low inequality and high employment.