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Authors are invited to submit articles that are concerned with economic and social policy issues in or affecting Europe.

A vast range of economic research creates input for economic policy at the national and EU levels. Intereconomics aims at stimulating debates on economic policy issues and offers a platform for the publication of policy relevant aspects of economic research. It provides up-to-date information for policymakers and supports the exchange of ideas for the improvement of policy approaches.

Journal Sections

  • Editorial: Brief comments on current economic policy issues (1300 words)
  • Forum: Policy debates on highly topical themes based on short contributions from researchers, stakeholders and experts from industry and politics (2500-4000 words per contribution, mainly by invitation)
  • Articles: Papers concerned with economic policy issues and trends; papers should be unpublished and based on empirical research (3000-5000 words)
  • Letter from America: A US economist provides analysis of transatlantic economic issues (1300 words)

As a journal that contributes to ongoing debates, Intereconomics puts high priority on the timeliness of articles. Intereconomics has a streamlined editorial process which allows it to quickly publish timely papers while they can still inform and influence policy makers.

Articles are thoroughly reviewed and edited by the editorial team of the Journal.

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