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The Covid-19 Response

The Economics of the Coronavirus Crisis

Intereconomics will be publishing all coronavirus crisis related articles online first in order to provide our readers up-to-date information as this unprecedented situation continues to unfold.


COVID-19 Crisis: How to Avoid a ‘Lost Generation’ by Johann Bacher and Dennis Tamesberger

Fighting the COVID-19 Crisis: Debt Monetisation and EU Recovery Bonds by Alberto Botta, Eugenio Caverzasi and Alberto Russo

State Aid Policies in Response to the COVID-19 Shock: Observations and Guiding Principles by Massimo Motta and Martin Peitz

May/June 2020

Potential Output, EU Fiscal Surveillance and the COVID-19 Shock by Philipp Heimberger

Coronavirus Crisis: Government Aid That Also Promotes Employee Ownership by David Patterson Ellerman and Tej Gonza

Great Green Transition and Finance by Claudia Kemfert, Dorothea Schäfer, Willi Semmler

Lessons From the Coronavirus Crisis for European Integration by Annette Bongardt and Francisco Torres

How the COVID-19 Pandemic Is Reshaping the Trade Landscape and What to Do About It by Sébastien Jean

The Privilege of Working From Home at the Time of Social Distancing by Armanda Cetrulo, Dario Guarascio and Maria Enrica Virgillito

Common Pitfalls in the Interpretation of COVID-19 Data and Statistics by Andreas Backhaus

Why Current EU Proposals for Corona-Related Financial Aid Cannot Replace Coronabonds by Sebastian Dullien, Thomas Theobald, Silke Tober and Andrew Watt

Whither Coronabonds? The Past and Future of the EMU in the Coronavirus Pandemic by Bodo Herzog

SURE – EU Capacity for Stabilising Employment and Incomes in the Pandemic by László Andor

On the Macroeconomic and Social Impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic in Latin America and the Developing World by Christian R. Proaño

Coronavirus Pandemic: Europe is Once Again Forged in a Crisis by Barry Eichengreen

The Need for Monetary Financing of Corona Budget Deficits by Paul De Grauwe

Decades of Tight Fiscal Policy Have Left the Health Care System in Italy Ill-Prepared to Fight the COVID-19 Outbreak by Alessandro Bramucci, Franz Prante and Achim Truger

March/April 2020

The Pandemic Requires a Coordinated Global Economic Response by Alicia García Herrero

The Coming Coronavirus Crisis: What Can We Learn? by Matteo Lucchese and Mario Pianta

The Finnish Pension System and Its Future Challenges by Tarmo Valkonen