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After decades of increasing globalisation in trade, capital and information flows, we are currently experiencing a shift due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Russia’s war in Ukraine and divisions over the conflict. Disrupted supply chains, US-China trade tensions and the gradual demise of the World Trade Organization appear to be serious threats to globalisation and have altered the geopolitical landscape. Where is globalisation heading? Are we in a temporary phase of slowbalisation or is it the beginning of something different? Is a more multipolar world order developing or one divided between US and Chinese influence? And where does the EU fit in this new scheme? This Forum, featuring contributions by the speakers at the 2022 joint Intereconomics/CEPS conference, examines geopolitics and geoeconomics in a changing global order.

  • What Endgame for the Deglobalisation Narrative?

    Simon J. Evenett, University of St. Gallen

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  • Slowbalisation in the Context of US-China Decoupling

    Alicia García-Herrero, Bruegel

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  • Reshoring by Decree? The Effects of Decoupling Europe from Global Value Chains

    Alexander Sandkamp, Kiel Institute for the World Economy (IfW)

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  • What European Union in the “Age of Uncertainty”? Weathering the Geopolitical Storms in a World of Perpetual Crises

    Isabelle Ioannides, Hellenic Foundation for European & Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP)

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  • The New Globalisation: From Too Big to Fail to Too Intertwined to Decouple

    Simone Urbani Grecchi, Intesa Sanpaolo, Milan

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  • The End of the End of History: A Political-Economy Perspective

    Ben Zissimos, University of Exeter

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