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Articles by Veronika Solilová

Mendel University Brno

    Fair and Sustainable Taxation in the EU

    Lotta Björglund Larsen, Marian Dobranschi, Marian Fink, Åsa Gunnarsson, David Hampel, Jitka Janová, Alexander Krenek, Emer Mulligan, Ann Mumford, Danuše Nerudová, Lynne Oats, Jan Pavel, Petr Rozmahel, Margit Schratzenstaller, Friedrich Sindermann-Sienkiewicz, Veronika Solilová, Ulrike Spangenberg, Martin Spielauer
    Volume Volume 54, 2019, Number 3, page 132

    The Impact of the Introduction of a CCCTB in the EU

    Danuše Nerudová, Veronika Solilová
    Volume Volume 54, 2019, Number 3, page 160 to 165

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