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Articles by Sue Maguire

University of Bath

    COVID-19: From Lockdown to Recovery

    Christian Dreger, Barry Eichengreen, Matilda Gettins, Daniel Gros, Sue Maguire, Robert Pollin, Debora Revoltella, Robert Skidelsky, Natacha Valla
    Volume Volume 55, 2020, Number 6, page 344

    Youth 2020 – Preventing Another Lost Generation?

    Sue Maguire
    Volume Volume 55, 2020, Number 6, page 356 to 360

    Youth Unemployment

    Bart Cockx, Juan J. Dolado, Werner Eichhorst, Florentino Felgueroso, Holger Hinte, Marcel Jansen, Elish Kelly, Sue Maguire, Seamus McGuinness, Ulf Rinne, Izabela Styczynska
    Volume Volume 48, 2013, Number 4, page 196 to 235

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