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Articles by Bernard Hoekman

European University Institute

    The European Response to a Challenging World Trade Regime

    Annette Bongardt, Maria Demertzis, Simon J. Evenett, Gabriel Felbermayr, Gustav Fredriksson, Bernard Hoekman, Jacques Pelkmans, Francisco Torres
    Volume Volume 53, 2018, Number 5, page 244

    Revitalising Multilateral Trade Governance

    Bernard Hoekman
    Volume Volume 53, 2018, Number 5, page 249 to 253

    The WTO after Cancún

    Bernhard Brümmer, Heinz Hauser, Bernard Hoekman, Ulrich Koester, Georg Koopmann, Marcelo Olarreaga, Jens van Scherpenberg, Welf Werner, Stephen Woolcock, Thomas A. Zimmermann
    Volume Volume 38, 2003, Number 5, page 232 to 259

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