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Event Review: New Growth for Europe – On Investment, Crisis Management and Growth Potential

10 October 2016, 09:30 am - 08:00 pm

German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy in Berlin
Entry Invalidenstraße 48
10115 Berlin

The joint Intereconomics/Wirtschaftsdienst anniversary conference will seek to identify new sources for economic growth in Europe. What investments can be made now to foster future growth? What is the appropriate role for the state? Have the measures taken to combat the economic crisis opened new opportunities for European growth, or will they merely lead to further stagnation? How can Europe best exploit its economic potential? Following a keynote address by Tito Boeri, the conference will feature three sessions focusing on investments, post-crisis growth and growth potential. Separate sessions will be held simultaneously in English and German. The conference will conclude with a panel discussion (in English) on the future of European growth policies, which will be followed by an evening reception.

Parallel Sessions and Panel Discussion

Opening Session

  • Philipp Steinberg
    German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy
  • Brigitte Preissl
    Editor-in-Chief Wirtschaftsdienst and Intereconomics
  • Klaus Tochtermann
    Director Leibniz Informaton Centre for Economics


  • Growth and the Single Market for Labour
    Tito Boeri
    INPS – Istituto Nazionale della Previdenza Sociale and Bocconi University Milan

Parallel Sessions I: Wachstumspolitik neu denken

  • Engpassmanagement und Finanzierung von Verkehrsinfrastrukturen
    Günter Knieps
    Universität Freiburg Vortragsfolien
  • Hochleistungsfähige Kommunikationsnetze: Wer investiert?
    Iris Henseler-Unger
    WIK Vortragsfolien
  • Warum wächst Produktivität so langsam im Second Machine Age?
    Alfred Kleinknecht
    Technische Universität Delft (Emeritus) Vortragsfolien

Parallel Sessions I: Rethinking Growth Policies for Europe

  • Imbalances, inequality and growth
    László Andor
    formerly European Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion Vortragsfolien
  • The EU’s long-term growth prospects: with and without structural reforms
    Karl Whelan
    University College Dublin Vortragsfolien
  • A role for public and social investment in the EU’s economic governance
    Mario Pianta
    Urbino University Vortragsfolien

Parallel Sessions II: Krisenpolitik: Chancen für neues Wachstum?

  • Wirtschaftswachstum, Finanzstabilität und makroökonomische Politik
    Martin Hellwig
    MPI zur Erforschung von Gemeinschaftsgütern
  • Steuern, Investitionen und Wirtschaftswachstum
    Clemens Fuest
    ifo Institut Vortragsfolien
  • Staatliche Investitionen vs. Austeritätspolitik
    Gustav Horn
    Institut für Makroökonomie und Konjunkturforschung (IMK) Vortragsfolien

Parallel Sessions II: Post-Crisis Policies – New Opportunities for Growth?

  • How has fiscal consolidation affected economic growth in the EU?
    Daniel Gros
    Centre for European Policy Studies
  • EMU: from social pacts to productivity boards
    Philippe Pochet
    European Trade Union Institute
  • After the Brits have gone? Turning a drama into a crisis that this time will not go to waste
    Mark Blyth
    Brown University Vortragsfolien

Parallel Sessions III: Potenziale für neues Wachstum ausschöpfen

  • Ausschöpfung des Erwerbspersonenpotenzials
    Joachim Möller
    Institut für Arbeitsmarkt- und Berufsforschung Vortragsfolien
  • Das Wissenskapital der Nationen: Gute Bildung als Wachstumsmotor
    Ludger Wößmann
    Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München Vortragsfolien
  • Ökologische Wachstumspotenziale
    Andreas Löschel
    Universität Münster Vortragsfolien

Parallel Sessions III: Tapping the Full Growth Potential of the EU

  • Does higher public investment lead to more growth – and if so, in which areas?
    Debora Revoltella
    European Investment Bank
  • Can EU-wide industrial policy foster growth and job creation?
    Erik Berglöf
    London School of Economics
  • EMU governance: not (yet) ready for social investment
    Anton Hemerijck
    London School of Economics Vortragsfolien

Panel Discussion: The Future of European Growth Policies

  • László Andor
    formerly European Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion
  • Erik Berglöf
    London School of Economics
  • Nauro Campos
    Brunel University
  • Daniel Gros
    Centre for European Policy Studies
  • Debora Revoltella
    European Investment Bank

Evening Reception

  • Speaker: Clemens Fuest
    ifo Institute