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Labour Mobility in the EU: Dynamics, Patterns and Policies

The continued economic crisis has become a major test for the labour markets of individual member states. Labour mobility within the European Union has the potential to help to reduce labour market pressures and ease economic imbalances. However, a long-term loss of working age population can be detrimental to sending countries. This Forum explores mobility patterns within the European Union and analyses the labour market and welfare effects of labour mobility via case studies of the UK, Poland, Germany and Spain. It also examines a number of its aspects that have important political and institutional relevance for the European Union and its future.


Figure of the Month

Employment rates in the UK

This figure from the Forum article EU Migration to the UK: Trends and Impacts by Carlos Vargas-Silva presents the employment rates of different groups of EU nationals living in the UK. Click on the figure for further information.


Should the Euro Area Be Concerned About Deflation?

During the past few years, headline inflation (the change in the harmonised consumer price index, HCPI) in the euro area has fallen steadily, from three per cent at the end of 2011 to 0.7 per cent in April 2014. It is now far below the ECB's target rate of inflation of below, but close to, two per cent. Part of the recent decline in inflation across the euro area is a temporary phenomenon - mainly the result of falling energy prices.


Letter from America

The Risks of the TTIP

The promoters of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) have tried to sell the agreement to the public on both sides of the Atlantic as a way to boost growth and create jobs. At a time when both the US and European economies are still suffering from the effects of the recession, anything that boosts growth sounds appealing. However, a closer look at the projections indicates that the promised growth is not likely to amount to much. Furthermore, there will likely be negative aspects to any deal that could far outweigh any gains.


Quote of the Month

Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership

"The TTIP is much more than a free trade agreement designed to reduce tariffs and quotas. It would create a structure of regulation and a new legal system that would remove authority in a wide variety of areas from democratically elected bodies and the existing legal structure."

- from Dean Baker's Letter from America The Risks of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership

Editor's Choice

EU Data Protection Reform: Opportunities and Concerns

The European Commission's proposed data protection regulation has been surrounded by fierce controversy and has been the subject of frenzied lobbying by global corporations, industry groups, research centres and privacy campaigners on both sides of the Atlantic. This Forum applies cool economic reasoning to this heated issue. What are the potential economic benefits of EU harmonisation? Will the proposed regulation negatively impact the competitiveness and innovation of European firms in the global marketplace? Or could it jeopardise attempts to protect privacy as a fundamental right in civil societies?


Volume 49 · 2014 · issue 3

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