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Event Review: Fiscal Stimulus: Lessons from the US to Europe

03 June 2021, 03:30 pm - 05:00 pm

With the American Rescue Plan, the US government is putting in place a fiscal stimulus package worth 10% of GDP, to be followed by an equally large infrastructure package. In the EU, although the fiscal policy response has also been unprecedented, it is much smaller. Should the EU learn from the US? Does the Covid crisis require a large aggregate demand response? What can be achieved with such a policy approach? The session is part of CEPS Ideas Lab and is hosted by Intereconomics and EconPol Europe.

This session have been livestreamed on CEPS Youtube Channel. Studies and conclusions of the speakers are published in Intereconomics No. 4 of 2021.

Fiscal Stimulus: Lessons from the US to Europe

  • Moderator
    Christian Breuer
    Editor-in-Chief of Intereconomics and Wirtschaftsdienst, ZBW – Leibniz Information Centre for Economics
  • Antonia Díaz
    Professor, Carlos III University of Madrid and Econ
  • Daniel Gros
    Distinguished Fellow, CEPS
  • Alfred Kammer
    Director, European Department, International Monetary Fund
  • Adam Posen
    President, Peterson Institute for International Economics
  • Claudia Sahm
    Senior Fellow, Jain Family Institute